Retail Health Care Providers

 BioMeasure Machines are self-service devices that accurately measure weight and height, body fat percentage and calculate body mass index (BMI) at the push of a button, then provide results on a printed ticket to each user in less than one minute.
Instant, Non-Invasive Health awareness Tools that will inform and educate
Consumers with Baseline Information While Tracking Health Improvement

BioMeasure Machines will:


  • Height, weight, body fat percentage and calculate BMI in seconds, with the latest digital technology
  • Baseline information allowing Consumer to take a more proactive approach to improving their health
  • Program effectiveness by accurately monitoring health outcomes
  • Change allowing Consumer to better manage individual improvement


  • Health activity and promote positive trends
  • Aggregate age and gender specific data collection results for comparisons
  • Personalized results on time and date stamped print-out for future reference


  • Unhealthy trends and suggest recommended guidelines based on age and gender
  • Potential risks and the need for improvement


  • Instant, self-service, personal health assessments
  • Sponsorship opportunities for targeted marketing of merchandise or services
  • A quick and easy way to engage Consumer to take a more proactive approach toward their health improvement

Ideal Tools for:

  • Obesity screenings and counseling
  • Identifying potential Diabetes risks
  • Monitoring overall health
  • Encouraging Consumer engagement
  • Screening Events/Health Awareness
  • Health Promotion tool for clinics, weight loss clinics, wellness centers